This time on the Weekly Roundup, we cover the details on Juri and Aggy’s (ex-DELUHI) new band ZERO MIND INFINITY, NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST’s forthcoming European tour, Wagakki Band’s new music video and much more!You can subscribe to the JROCK NEWS YouTube channel to receive notifications for new episodes of the Weekly Roundup and all of the other content we upload.
Main stories:

  1. NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST announces Europe tour
  2. Wagakki Band reveals new music video “Valkyrie -Ikusa Otome-“
  3. Juri and Aggy (ex-DELUHI) form new band “ZERO MIND INFINITY” with former members of 12012, Sel’m and REIGN!

Featured stories:

  1. DIR EN GREY release tracklist information for new single “Utafumi”
  2. Take a peek at DADAROMA’s new music video from their upcoming album
  3. Psycho le Cému to appear on Japan Expo in Paris
  4. SCANDAL announces new “Take Me Out” single, Mami hospitalized
  5. tricot’s Nakajima Ikkyu appears in g.o.a.t commercial
  6. BAND-MAID to play in UK for MCM London Comic Con
  7. MIYAVI gets nostalgic in 80’s styled music video “Afraid To Be Cool”
  8. Misaruka will release new mini-album “-Floride Umbra-“
  9. Get your beach gear ready! VAMPS announces BEAST PARTY 2016
  10. Anfiel to release two new singles and live DVD
  11. Kuroyuri to Kage leaves Ains record label
  12. DIV to release DVD “DIV oneman live 2015 AUTUMN KISS or KILL”
  13. Jrock Discussion: Surviving a mosh pit
  14. Discover Jrock Bands: IX -NINE-, DAMY and Tsudukimashite
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