This time on the Weekly Roundup, we cover the details on The 3rd Birthday and DOAK’s recently announced disbandments, the new album from Crack6, and much more! You can subscribe to the JROCK NEWS YouTube channel to receive notifications for new episodes of the Weekly Roundup and all of the other content we upload.

Main stories:

  1. The 3rd Birthday disbands this month
  2. DOAK to disband in August
  3. PENICILLIN’s guitarist solo project, Crack6 to release “Bara no Pistol”

Featured stories:

  1. Matenrou Opera announces new live DVD at “Chikyu -The Elements- TOUR” final
  2. L’Arc~En~Ciel Yukihiro’s side project, geek sleep sheep to tour in September
  3. Music video for REIGN’s new single “AKANE” is out!
  4. coldrain releases music video for “THE STORY”
  5. cinema staff unleashes their fifth album “Eve”
  6. GRIMOIRE released “Never End” music video from first mini-album “World End Tree”
  7. Akaku Somatta Kioku to release venue-limited single “Trauma”
  8. UNDER FALL JUSTICE’s first single “Minikui kyozetsu”
  9. Come watch MAH from SiM make pork ramen at home
  10. LiSA commemorates fifth anniversary with Hi FiVE! music video
  11. Get your dancing shoes on for Yoru no Honki Dance’s “Feel so good” music video
  12. Pre-tour interview with girugamesh & BigBear
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