Another project rises from the members of the currently on hiatus Megamasso! Guitarist Ryohei recently formed a new band called Migimimi Sleep Tight, but this time it is vocalist Inzargi (インザーギ) who is ready to start a new band called Vanity Sicks! As you may know, guitarist Ryohei is the main composer of Megamasso, so this will be very interesting to see what kind of compositions Inzargi will be able to offer, along with his new bandmates.

The members this band is comprised of is yet to be revealed, although Inzargi already announced a date for their first live performance First Match. It will take place at Shibuya STAR LOUNGE on July 22.

As a reminder, Megamasso is not on an indefinite hiatus. The band already set a date for their come back, which is on December 10, 2016, as stated last year in December.

More info:
Official Website
Twitter (Inzargi)
Twitter (Ryohei)
Twitter (Gou)
Blog (Inzargi)
Blog (Ryohei)
Blog (Gou)

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