We came across this video of FEST VAINQUEUR being set the challenge of trying out Brazilian Jiu Jitsu on Oricon. Four out of five members took up the challenge except for vocalist HAL who could not participate that day.

Donning some smart jiu-jitsu, the band members looked the part. Their teacher for the day showed them some typical moves in this martial art which is gaining popularity, especially for females who wish to defend themselves.

FEST VAINQUEUR was taught three technique which can be used in combat. HIRO and GAKU were dressed in white uniforms and the lessons was divided into two teams, with I’LL and KAZI wearing blue uniforms. First of all, they were taught some “close-guard” technique called “scissor sweep”, “straight arm lock” and then the “rear naked choke”.

柔術初挑戦に不安な表情・・・『Vの衝動!調査GIG』Vol.2 FEST VAINQUEURが柔術に挑戦

悪戦苦闘しながらも、3つの技を習得!『Vの衝動!調査GIG』Vol.2 FEST VAINQUEURが柔術に挑戦

Some photos of the day.

Some photos of the day.

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Source: Oricon Website

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