Welcome back to the Weekly Roundup. Today, we cover the details on NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST’s new music video “Malice Against”, the GazettE’s preview of “UNDYING”, YOSHIKI’s 10,000,000 yen donation to the Kumamoto Earthquake Relief and much more!

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Main stories:

  1. NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST unevil music video for Malice Against
  2. The GazettE release video preview for new single UNDYING
  3. YOSHIKI donates 10,000,000 yen to support Red Cross aiding the Kumamoto Earthquake Relief

Featured stories:

  1. Crystal Lake raising funds for The Ghost Inside with cover of “Wide Eyed”
  2. Alexandros unveils “NEW WALL” video from upcoming single
  3. the GazettE suspends DOGMATIC show in Argentina due to severe weather alert in Houston
  4. Hellow Mellow to return to the US to perform at Sabaku Con
  5. BAND-MAID reveals “the non-fiction days” music video
  6. Develop One’s Faculties reveal music video and song preview for “Seijyo Towa”
  7. ex-Shounenki vocalist starts yet another band
  8. lynch. obtain “IMMORTALITY” with their latest release
  9. SiM unleashes “WHO SAYS WE CAN’T” live DVD
  10. Sibilebashir was on cleaning duty and invited fans to join them
  11. LAMP IN TERREN “Innocence / Caravan” features in anime film “Ajin”
  12. Lolita23q revives for one day with formal vocalist Sou
  13. Let Leda teach you the guitar solos of Far East Dizain’s’s newest single
  14. DOAK will release live-limited single “inside Fear”
  15. MUCC has announced a new single
  16. Win two tickets to girugamesh’s live in London on may 17
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