For this week’s episode we cover the newest music video from A9’s fresh reincarnation, details on NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST’s forthcoming mini-album, BABYMETAL’s U.S. television debut on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and much more!

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Main stories:

  1. A9 releases music video for “PRISMATIC”
  2. NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST release explosive teaser for upcoming mini-album “ZeTeS”
  3. Watch BABYMETAL debut on U.S. television on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Featured stories:

  1. AA=, Koie (Crossfaith) and Masato (coldrain) unleash a brutal assault on your senses in “FREE THE MONSTER”
  2. Rave will release new single “Jinsei Tsuramichan”
  3. Arlequin announce second album “Utopia” and 47 prefecture, one-man tour!
  4. Neverland release first album “GRiM”
  5. sylph emew releases first EP and music video “Menhera Circus”
  6. SEVER BLACK PARANOIA offers insanely dark screams in “INSANITY” music video, from the new album “ELIZA”
  7. MORRIGAN announces 3 month consecutive releases
  8. Smileberry to release new single “Ko Akuma KISS ME” and first anniversary
  9. te’ released their first ever mini-album “Shikimi”
  10. GLUTAMINE to release first major single ”GIANT KILLING”
  11. GANGLION announce indefinite hiatus
  12. NICO Touches the Walls to release new single “sutorato”
  13. Grieva will release new album “Konton no Hako”
  14. SiM tell us “Life is Beautiful” with relaxing new music video
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