Hello all! It’s Week 14 of 2016 on the JROCK NEWS Weekly Roundup. Welcome to the first episode uploaded according to our new schedule, where the Weekly Roundups will be set to publish on Tuesdays from now on. NIGHTMARE on hiatus? Sugizo vs. Inoran? New solo releases from ASAGI of D and AI from DEATHGAZE? It’s been an action-packed week, delightfully reduced down to 8 and a half minutes, by yours truly, Mark.

Per usual, we’d love to hear what you think about this week’s stories by commenting directly on the YouTube video.

Main stories:

  1. Golden Bomber’s new music video is about unfaithful relationships, “Mizushoubai o yamete kurenai ka”
  2. T.M.Revolution collaborates with Korean girl group AOA, to bring “Ai wo Chodai”
  3. NIGHTMARE suddenly announces end-of-year pause due to YOMI’s functional dysphonia

Featured stories:

  1. More reveals new look and anniversary show
  2. Kiyoharu reveals interesting tracklist and preview for his long-awaited album ”SOLOIST”
  3. Get excited! Sukekiyo first single “ANIMA” has been announced
  4. SiM fight for their lives as they each turn into zombies in their latest music video
  5. tricot announce their second EP, “Kabuku”
  6. TMR commemorates 20th Anniversary by establishing company “Toppu Ltd”
  7. SUPER BEAVER celebrates their 10th anniversary with three singles
  8. Yoshiki auctioned his drum-kit making over 6 million yen for charity
  9. SCREW reveals details on upcoming best of album “BRILLIANT”
  10. FEST VAINQUEUR to release best of album “Best Vainqueur”
  11. Ryohei from Megamasso forms a new band “Migimimi sleep tight”
  12. ASAGI from D announces solo project release “Seventh Sense / Shikabane no Oja / Amupusai”
  13. DIV releases song digest for EDR Tokyo
  14. Develop One’s Faculties scheduled to release single “Seijyo towa”
  15. JILUKA new single “Faizh” to hit shelves next month
  16. BAROQUE announce new domestic tour!
  17. DIAURA uploads music video preview and reveal details on new single, ENIGMA
  18. Far East Dizain releases 360 degree version of “Inhale” music video
  19. UNiTE show just how strong their friendship is in the music video for “Jupiter”
  20. THE BLACK SWAN release digest of “OUSIA”
  21. SUGIZO vs. INORAN present “BEST BOUT ~L2/5~”
  22. AI’s album “CONFUSION” is not that confusing, here’s our first impression
  23. Faze to release second mini-album “Futsukago no Sayonara”
  24. UROBOROS’ demonic second release “ZODIAC”
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