If any of you guys own a Wii U alongside the popular Super Mario Maker game, then be on the look out for this pretty amazing new character based on the world-known BABYMETAL trio!

For those who don’t know, Super Mario Maker is the newest Mario game in which you build your own course, allowing for infinite creative possibilities and new courses to play everyday. Several other characters from non-Mario franchises have also made their way into this game, like Link from The Legend of Zelda. However, it is still surprising to see a character based on real people, and not a videogame character, so this should definitely spark the interest of a few people besides the usual fans.

The trio also did a little bit of voice-acting for the character to make the character resemble the girls even more. An alternate costume is also available to get once players complete the METAL RESISTANCE event on the game. The character is available to use now, so go get it! A special gameplay video promoting the character can be viewed below!

More info:
Official Website (Super Mario Maker)
Official Website (BABYMETAL)

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