Unfortunately, DIR EN GREY singer Kyo’s solo band Sukekiyo released an official statement yesterday saying that because they weren’t able to meet production deadlines, their newest and first single ANIMA will not be distributed at their upcoming live shows in their tour Sakurahada, yumejime no ato to yuuetu no shi. Part of the message reads:

In order to create DISC 2 [Blu-ray] perfectly and deliver a product that will satisfy our fans, we will have to cancel the sale of the single at the venues. We deeply apologize to the fans who were planning to purchase the single at the venue.

Instead, pre-orders can only be made through Penyunne Zemeckis, Kyo’s official store. To compensate, a bonus item will be added to all orders made before April 25th.

In lieu of all this, Sukekiyo’s official YouTube channel also released a trailer for the music videos and live footage found in the blu-ray disc of the single. Judging from the preview, Sukekiyo has strayed away from the jazz-rock vibe they had in their previous live-only release Mimizozo, but is going with a solid rock ballad type atmosphere, reminiscent of their song Zephyr. This will be a very exciting release!



Sukekiyo’s latest look in promotion of the new single.


Regular edition 6019 yen


  1. anima
  2. 12-Ji 20-Bu Konrinzai (12時20分金輪際)
  3. 304 Goshitsu shita to yoru (304号室 舌と夜)
  4. elisabeth addict (Acoustic Ver.)
  5. leather field Collaboration with TUSK (新宿心音会, THE SLUT BANKS)


Music video

  1. ANIMA music video
  2. 12-Ji 20-Bu Konrinzai (12時20分金輪際) music video

2015.12.2 Live at the Tokyo International Forum

  1. foster mother
  2. aftermath
  3. hidden one
  4. Madara ningen (斑人間)
  5. in all weathers


  • Special Booklet

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