RADWIMPS annouce that they’ll be providing the theme song “Zen Zen Zense” for anime movie “Kimi no Na wa”.

Makoto Shinkai, an animation film director who is often called the “new Miyazaki”, has announced a new feature length animated film named “Kimi no Na wa” coming out on August 26, following his last movie “The Garden of Words” which was released in 2013.

Keeping true to his trademark beautifully detailed, cinematically animated sequences, this movie also follows in the sentimental, teen romance driven footsteps of his previous animated films. The film tells the story of the two high school students Miyamizu Mitsuha, who is the daughter of the mayor in a small mountain town, and Tachibana Taki, a student who works part time in an Italian restaurant, and has dreams to become an artist or architect. A month after a comet falls for the first time in a thousand years in Japan, the two students have dreams where they switch roles physically.

Aside from the theme song Zen Zen Zense being provided by RADWIMPS, the band themselves have also composed the score for the film as well. Being nearly five months since their release of their single “Kigou Toshite”, fans of the band will be pleased to hear the amount of music composed by the band for the soundtrack. You can hear a preview of the song in the movie trailer!


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