Earlier this year, we informed you of SiM’s and Crossfaith’s collaborative song, GET iT OUT, which would be used as the theme song for Red Bull’s Air Race tournament. Seven of the eight “articles” (similar to The GazettE’s recent “movements” project) related to the collaboration were scheduled to be revealed throughout March, with the final article to be revealed on April 13. Since we’re so close to its presentation, we thought we’d catch up with what’s taken place so far. Keep reading to get all the details!

Article one kicked off the project, announcing the collaboration between these two heavy hitting bands. Nothing lights up a sport event like music bursting with energy. And who better than SiM and Crossfaith to draw even more attention to the international race festival?

In articles two and three the bands were interviewed individually, giving us insight into their perspective of the project, as well as their impressions of each other. This collaboration feels as if it was years in the making considering that the two met previously in 2008, while Crossfaith prepared for a gig in Osaka. Back then the two groups saw the unique talent in each other, so did their audiences, and thus a healthy rivalry and mutual respect for one another developed. That respect probably played a big part in creating the song, since some of the musicians played their instruments in a foreign formation. Such as playing with a second drummer and guitarist, something neither Crossfaith’s drummer Tatsuya and guitarist Kazuki have done before.

After publishing the band’s thoughts on the collaboration, article four was next. And it offered a gallery of the bands during the production process at RED BULL Studios, in Tokyo. There’s 30 photos (some of which can be seen below) of the nine musicians in multiple phases of recording the track, sharing techniques, and likely just shooting the breeze.

Programmer Teru looks intensely into his laptop.

Programmer Teru looks intensely into his laptop.

That's a lot of MacBooks...and smiles!

That’s a lot of MacBooks…and smiles!

Bassists SIN and Hiroki drinking Redbull during a cigarette break.

Bassists SIN (left) and Hiroki (right) drinking Redbull during a cigarette break.

The fifth article revealed another 30-count photo gallery, giving us a look behind the scenes of the promotional photo shoot! Let’s have a look at a few of them.

Crossfaith pose for a group photo.

Crossfaith pose for a group photo.

Is SiM happy about this photo or amused?

Is SiM happy about this photo or amused?

That's a wrap.

That’s a wrap!

With article six, came a short trailer of the music video, heightening the anticipation for the full version. As expected form these two, the song is fast-pace and upbeat. You can view the preview above for yourself.

Article seven is another interview, but this time with both bands as they discuss their their feelings towards the music video and the location in which it was filmed. As one might expect, a project of this scale would be taxing on the bands, but vocalists MAH (SiM) and Koie (Crossfaith) believe their goal was achieved with such success because of the respect and friendship that was born nearly 10 years ago.

sim vs crossfaith vs redbull get it out article 8

The last article will be revealed on April 13!

Now that we’re all caught up with the contents of each article, I’d say it’s safe to assume the full music video will be released in article eight; what do you think? Leave us a comment with your thoughts!

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