The legendary LUNA SEA announced that they are currently working on a new album, the follow-up to 2013’s A Will. Along this announcement the band confirmed the release of a 25th anniversary premium box and a two-day one man live scheduled for the end of 2016. Later this year, the band released a new song called Limit!

luna sea 2016 live

LUNA SEA performing at Zepp DiverCity Tokyo

During the one-man live at Zepp DiverCity Tokyo held on December 24 last year, LUNA SEA confirmed that a new album, yet untitled, will be released this year. Details on this release will however be announced by the band at a later date.

Although details on the new studio album are a mystery at the moment, the band announced another release to commemorate their 25th anniversary! A premium box appropriately titled LUNA SEA 25th Anniversary PREMIUM BOX that will be out on May 29. The contents of this item are two books, one of which is a photo book while the other will contain a long interview with the members of the band.

In other news, back in March the band teased a new song titled Limit, which will feature as the opening theme of the anime series Endride (エンドライド). The anime started airing on Japanese TV this past April 2. Could this song be taken off the upcoming album? Take a look at the trailer for the anime below, including a preview of Limit:

Limit (TV edit)

luna sea limit

Digital edition 250 yen


  1. Limit (TV edit)

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