According a piece on wikipedia “Studies suggest that approximately 10% of the world population is left-handed. Among naturally left-handed Japanese senior high school students, only 0.7% and 1.7% of individuals used their left hand for writing and eating, respectively, though young Japanese are more likely to convert to using chopsticks right-handed than forks or spoons (29.3% to 4.6%). The proportion of females subjected to forced conversion is significantly higher compared to males (95.1% to 81.0%).

This made us wonder, how many Jrock and visual kei artists we know are left-handed? It must be a pain, especially if you are a guitarist or bassist as you will have to buy instruments for left-handers, luckily drumsticks can work for everyone. We spend some time researching, and had a lot of help from our followers on Twitter and came up with this list of Jrock artists and musicians who are left-handed! Check it out:

Left-handed Jrock artists

Saga – Bassist from Alice Nine

Satoshi – Vocalist from Girugamesh

Jin – Drummer from Screw

Inoran (Though he prefers playing guitar right-handedly)

Hiroaki Masukawa – guitarist from BUMP OF CHICKEN

Koichi – MEJIBRAY bassist

Hitomi – ex-vocalist from Moran

Yairi – Bassist from Corpse Corps

Hiroki -Drummer from D

Shutaro – Guitarist from GAKIDO

Gokimi – Bassist and vocalist for Tokyo Heroes


Gackt is ambidextrous (can use both hands) but is often seen writing with his left

Hisashi Imai – BUCK-TICK guitarist plays guitar with his left hand but is actually right-handed.

Ryoga, the Vocalist from BORN seems to write comfortably with his left hand.

When anime show “K-ON!” was released back in 2009, a show about four school girls forming a band, Fender claimed their had boosted the sales of their left-handed bass by 800%. The model JB62/LH/3TS (JB meaning Jazz Bass), was the bass guitar played by the female lead character, Mio Akiyama.

So the more you know! Did we miss any other left-handers? Leave a comment below.

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