Our friends over at Electric Bloom Webzine reviewed tricot’s performance at Hoxton Square Bar and Square in London last night. We were also in the crowd, and loved it when they pulled out the whistles and maracas. We liked them so much we even bought the tricot T-shirt in white. Check out the report:

Every now and then a band comes along that defies all expectations, and tonight that band was Kyoto born ensemble tricot. Returning to London for the first time since 2014 for a sold out show at the trendy Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen, tricot gave the capital a set of unbridled math rock riffs, unexpected signatures, and erratic vocals, all delivered like a gimmick-less punk rock show.

After losing their drummer in 2014, and opting for working with a number of drummers over the last couple of years, Ikkyu (lead vocals, guitar), Hirohiro (bass), and Motifour (lead guitar) were joined by Miyoko Yamaguchi from garage rock duo detroit7. Despite not being a permanent fixture in the band, the chemistry between the Miyoko and the others was untouched, never missing a beat no matter how obscure, keeping the complex rhythm, and feeding off each other’s energy as they seamlessly jumped from track to track… Read the full article over at Electric Bloom Webzine.

Were you at any of their shows or will you be planning to see them soon? Let us know in the comments below.

tricot "HIP STEP “A N D” JUMP ASIA TRIP 2015" trailer

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