It seems as if 2016 is shaping up to be a very busy year for Straightener, an indie and alternative rock band from Tokyo, as they have recently announced a new single named Sea Glass, their ninth studio album named “COLD DISC”, and a new nationwide tour named the Step Into My World tour! It begins on June 9 at Ebisu LIQUIDROOM, and ends on November 10 at Showa Joshi Daigaku in Tokyo. Having been almost two years since the release of their last album Behind the Scene, COLD DISC is expected to hit shelves on May 18, and Sea Glass is due to hit shelves on April 20, with their previous single Day to Day being released last November. The tracklist for the single has been released, but the one for the new album has yet to be released.

With Straightener maintaining a consistent alternate rock sound with funky licks and inspiring sounding tracks throughout their discography, who knows what listeners could expect with these new releases? Will they explore a different sound with the new album, or continue creating music within their comfort zone?

Sea Glass

1564 – 1700 yen


  1. Sea Glass (シーグラス)
  3. Sea Glass (シーグラス) -instrumental-
  4. DSCGRPHY [DECADE DISCO MIX] -instrumental-

Special Talk & Acoustic LIVE ‘STRAIGHDINNER’ 2016.01.24 at Billboard Live TOKYO

  1. TOWER
  2. Phantasien
  3. Starless Coaster
  4. CLONE
  5. Toneless Twilight
  6. NO ~Inochi no Ato ni Saita Hana~ (NO 〜命の跡に咲いた花〜)
  8. Saiun (彩雲)
  9. Lightning

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