Do you remember the new band Rides In ReVellion? Well, from now on you will never forget them after listening to their new song Eternal –Katsubou no Sora (渇望の空)-.

Eternal -Katsubou no Sora (渇望の空)- is a positive song with a catchy and encouraging chorus. However, after the second chorus, the breakdown accompanied by synths, gives a little bit of darkness to the song, afterwards evolving into TaJI’s guitar solo. By the end, vocalist Kuro provides a higher and deeper voice to the last chorus of the song.

As for the music video, it is shot in a very unusual place, alternatively outside and inside. The members are dressed up with their most recent look (posted below). Like their previous music video, this one is also subtitled in English!

The single itself is the band’s second single and was originally released at their “ETERNAL-voiceless screaming-” live at Shinsaibashi Soma celebrated on January 22. You can purchase it worldwide via iTunes through a digital download. It also contains a b-side titled “Close”.

In other news, the music video for Rides In ReVellion’s first single -CHAIN- surpassed the 30,000 views!

rides in revellion eternal new look

Rides In ReVellion’s look for “Eternal”

rides in revellion eternal cover

Eternal~Katsubou no Sora~

Regular edition 500 yen


  1. Eternal~渇望の空 (Katsubou no Sora)~
  2. Close.

Buy at iTunes US or iTunes JP

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