If you’ve been looking for your chance to break onto the jrock music scene as a musician then this might just be the opportunity you’re looking for! Naoki, the drum musician of the currently on-hiatus band DEATHGAZE, is recruiting for his new band and is in search for a talented, vocalist, guitarist, and bassist. With this new band we could get to see the influence of DEATHGAZE within their music style or the band bringing along a hopeful new sound. What direction will they take?

According to the application guidelines, as long as you are: male, aged 20 and onwards, and have professional or amateur skills in any of the above instruments—you could be what Naoki is looking for! It has been requested that you supply a photograph of yourself, so you may also want to get your hairspray and make-up ready, and gather some tips from visual kei make-up and hair tutorials, if you’re still sitting in your “lazy day” clothes. The application states that nationality is not relevant, so all rise international jrock musicians, and go apply now! Application can be found here (in Japanese).  

This is the latest news of Naoki’s activities since the news of Naoki filling in for SEL’M’s drummer MANJ, due to MANJ’s worsening medical condition. Which makes Naoki the second DEATHGAZE member to start a personal project, after vocalist, Ai, who is preparing the release of his solo album “Confusion” this coming April. Kousuke also continued his musical career by joining Unveil Raze, as the role of bassist. This currently leaves guitarist Takaki as the only inactive DEATHGAZE member—let’s hope we see him back on the scene soon! What do you think his next move will be?

On a last note, We would love JROCK NEWS’ readers to become a member of Naoki’s band—so don’t hesitate or be shy, go and achieve that dream and apply now!

More info:
Official Website
Application form
Twitter (Naoki)
Blog (Naoki)

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