Mao from SID has just posted on twitter with an image of him modelling a beautiful LUXE de Dress white studded bracelet that they will be relaunching this bracelet collection.

The bracelet by LUXE de Dress, a brand produced by Mao himself, was first seen in 2013 and was incredibly popular. Thanks to demand, they have decided to re-release this design. Encrusted in gems, the gold studded bracelet was only available in white and black then, but according to Mao’s Line blog they will be introducing two new colours, red and camel and more information to come soon.

It’s only been a few hours since he posted this and it has already attracted hundreds of comments on Line adoring the design. Check out the white and black editions from the previous release below.

LUXE de DRESS-white-bracelet

Studded bracelet in white.

LUXE de DRESS-black-bracelet

Studded bracelet in black.

What do you think about this accessory? Leave your comments below.

More info:
Official Website

LUXE de DRESS website
LUXE de DRESS Facebook

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