MAKE MY DAY - reborn

Tokyo-based metalcore/post-hardcore band MAKE MY DAY are back off the heels of their LP Relentless with a new music video. reborn is part of their upcoming two-track single, and we’ll have more details of it when they come to light.

MAKE MY DAY - reborn

The track opens with lead vocalist Isam’s brutal screams before transcending into heavy riffs and bass wobbles to create an utterly moshable experience, all within the first 30 seconds. The band then begin to shred through the verses like paper, heaviness is the name of the game. I like the contrast of Isam’s loud screams with Julien’s clean vocals; the band reminds me of Western vocal/scream groups like “Issues,” and this song wouldn’t be out of place on the likes of a multi-day rock festival.

The band has been around since 2011, under the name ASHLEY SCARED THE SKY. After a lineup and name change, they became the band we know today as MAKE MY DAY.

While you’re waiting for this monster of a single to release, why not check out their last LP Relentless?


Regular edition 1991 – 2407 yen


  1. Relentless (Intro)
  2. Full Of Lies
  3. What Are You Fighting For
  4. Sickness
  5. Time To Say Goodbye
  6. Get Up
  7. Take Control Of You
  8. Jealous
  9. Once
  10. Pain Of March
  11. Life

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