THE BED ROOM TAPE - 音符の港 feat. Gotch (Official Music Video)

Gotch, the vocalist from popular Japanese indie rock band ASIAN KUNGFU GENERATION, has chosen to participate in collaborations with many interesting artists in the past few years, including ones with the band the chef cooks me and more recently, with the Brazilian rapper, ACE. Gotch’s latest collaboration however, is one with THE BED ROOM TAPE, the solo project of the singer and songwriter So Kageyama, who is also part of the instrumental band Nabowa. The project has been around since 2011, however it has only spawned one self titled album in 2013, and an EP in 2015. Now his new single Undertow is scheduled for release on March 9! For people who are unfamiliar with his work, THE BED ROOM TAPE blends some electronic elements with jazz, contemporary, break beats and dub into one nice musical package.

THE BED ROOM TAPE - 音符の港 feat. Gotch (Official Music Video)

This song, Onpunominato (音符の港), presents a very relaxing, multi layered melody with digital sounds and acoustic guitar melded together with an interesting tempo. It also stays true to Gotch’s choice in music, as his solo work and collaborations tend to be very chill and relaxed pieces. The music video conceptually has interesting visuals, with the girl onscreen matching up to the beat of the song as she dances around on the multiple screens. Visually, the video also gives off a very retro feel, due to the low contrast and slightly green midtones, which aesthetically, many people will enjoy as it presents a nostalgic atmosphere. 

So if you’re into very relaxing, and uplifting sounding melodies with some electronica elements to them, this single might be for you!

So Kageyama

Artist So Kageyama, the man behind the solo project “THE BED ROOM TAPE”.


Regular edition 1391 – 1500 yen


  1. Hook
  2. Onpunominato (音符の港) feat. Gotch
  3. Free feat. BASI
  4. Onpunominato (音符の港) feat. Gotch (Uyama Hiroto Remix)

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