DIO – Distraught Overlord vocalist Mikaru announced on his blog today that DIO will be releasing their new single Byakuya ni Moyuru Hana. This single is live limited to DIO’s 10th Anniversary Tour and will be sold at each venue–yes that includes all of their European tour dates!

Prior to the news of their new single, Mikaru posted on his Facebook page that he had a gift for Distraught Overlord fans, which was later revealed to be the release of a new single. This is a one-track single with lyrics and CD design by Mikaru, and composed by guitarist, Erina.

dio distraught overlord byakuya ni moyuru hana

This single comes six years after their last release, COMA GOLD, released back in May 2009. Even though DIO stated that they had no plans for after the tour–implying this being a one-off comeback for their 10th Anniversary tour–it does give fans hope that new music may lead to a longer and more permanent comeback. So show your support for DIO in any way possible, go to their live show(s), purchase the new single and continue to spread the “darkness” for others to admire, and lets hope they shall stay around for longer.

Along with their new single also comes a new look. The members have obviously grown and changed over the past six years of being apart, so it’s only right to show their fresh new look for the single and upcoming tour. Take a look at the header image for their new style!

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