All-girl hard rock five-piece BAND-MAID is pushing on with their self-proclaimed quest for “world domination”, and have their eyes set on the UK for their European debut performance at MCM London Comic Con along with the release of their 3rd album Brand New MAID this May.

Don’t let the maid outfits fool you (which came from guitarist & vocalist Miku’s experience in Akihabara’s maid cafes), these girls aren’t just another cute-faced pop group on the scene. Since forming back in 2013 BAND-MAID has been catching the attention of rock fans and media across Japan and overseas, being praised for their technical skills and daring lyrics.

With two LPs, one of which debuted at #7 on the Oricon Indie Album Charts, and 39 million+ views on their YouTube account already under their belts, they have announced that their 3rd album Brand New MAID will drop on May 18th, followed up by their first-ever appearance in Europe at all three days of MCM London Comic Con from May 27th-29th.

Band New MAID is now available for pre-order from CDJapan.co.jp. Tickets for MCM London Comic Con are now available over on the MCM website.

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