Fans of SiM and Crossfaith, prepare your ears for an amazing song in collaboration from both bands! SiM and Crossfaith have been chosen to create the newest them song for the Red Bull Air Race, which will have one of its races held in Chiba, and the teasers are only adding more excitement for this collaboration. The teasers are only around 30 seconds long, and you can view them below. The second video gives a sneak peak of the song, and it already sounds like it’s going to be amazing!

The Red Bull Air Race is an international race in which competitors fly airplanes through an obstacle course at the fastest possible speed. Winners are decided on who has the shortest time recorded. You can catch more details on this race on their official website. This year, the event will take place in seven cities from six countries around the world, including the United Arab Eirates, Austria, Hungary, Japan, Britain, Germany, and the United States.

But back to SiM and Crossfaith. Besides their collaborative songs, the two bands also have several other “articles” to reveal. These articles are similar to The GazettE’s “movements” and each will reveal something new. So far, only one out of six movements has been revealed, which was the introduction to SiM’s and Crossfaith’s collaboration. Article 2 is slated to be revealed on March 2, with the rest still having a “coming soon” sign on them. On March 29, something is also slated to be revealed, which can be assumed to be a music video, for on the background can be seen the two bands playing together.

It looks like the music video will be released on March 29.

It looks like the music video will be released on March 29.

These two bands are definitely two very good bands, so a collaboration from them can only bring good things. I’m definitely curious as to what the other articles have in store for us, but only time can tell. We’ll just have to wait patiently for the big surprises SiM and Crossfaith have for us!

More info:
Special Collaborative Website
Official Website (SiM)
Official Website (Crossfaith)

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