Behold! It is Valentines day so get ready for another round of Jrock Social Fun! Today is a day where gifts of chocolates and flowers are given to the people you love. Some people may be spending it with their partner, going out on a date with a person they fancy, spending it with friends or alone with their computer. If you are like us, wait till after Valentines day for all the discounted chocolate. JROCK NEWS wishes you all a happy Valentine’s day! Now let’s see what Jrocker’s are up to on this particular holiday of love.

SAYUKI from ViV shows off the Valentines chocolate he received from fans.

Kira from VRZEL calling for fan attention for Valentine’s.

Hitomi from Moran will be spending his day watching popular theatrical show “Apasionada 2” on DVD.

Hiro from FEST VAINQEUR also thanks his fans for the gifts.

…but it seems like he is on a diet, so no chocolate for him.

Natsuki from Shiva shows off his treats too.

Looks like Waka from DANGER GANG has some tasty green tea truffles.

Yu from LIV’ERT has some planet themes chocolates.

Looks like it was Chitose from Chanty’s fathers birthday, and he also received some chocolates from his sister.

Bonus tweets! An animation of two characters kissing!

Notepad flip book animation.

How are you guys spending Valentine’s this year? Seen any Jrocker Valentine’s twitter posts which are not yet featured on here? Let us know in the comments below.

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