E.T is a Japanese rock band with nu-metal and screamo influences from Tokyo who formed back in 2010. Their current lineup is made up for four members: vocalist Hiro (浩), bassist Issei (一星), drummer Asei (亜星), and support guitarist Ryouta (杏太).

They are currently an independent band and are quite active in Japan, playing at least three times a month around Tokyo. Their most recent release is their single “interplay of light and shade” came out in March 3, 2015 and a Korn cover single titled “Blind” that came the month after.

This year, E.T have announced three shows for April and May:
April 1, Ikebukuro CHOP
April 20, Shimokitazawa LIVEHOLIC
May 11, Ikebukuro EDGE


Drummer Asei (亜星)


Bassist Issei (一星)


Vocalist Hiro (浩

Recently they have uploaded Sweetpain and Fortune to Soundcloud, so check out their sounds. The intro of Fortune reminded us of Maximum the Hormone, so fans of them should go check E.T out. They have a very diverse range of tunes.

More info:
Official Website

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