The wait is finally over, and now all 12 movements of the GazettE’s highly successful Project: Dark Age have been revealed. Are you curious to see what the GazettE have in store for us for these final three movements? Of course you are, so let’s dig into the info!

The GazettE’s tenth movement has been revealed to be a live DVD release, which will include their tour final titled DOGMATIC FINAL shikkoku (漆黒), that was held yesterday, on February 28 at YOYOGI National Gymnasium. Unfortunately, the only information available at the moment is a winter 2016 release. Further details will be revealed at a later date.

The band’s eleventh movement will be another Japan tour, titled DOGMATIC -ANOTHER FATE-, which will take place during the summer from June 6 to August 2.

The final movement of Project: Dark Age, the twelfth movementwill make use of the golden ticket that was found inside the limited edition of the band’s latest album, DOGMA. This golden ticket is your ticket for a chance to join DOGMATIC -ANOTHER FATE-‘s tour final, which will be held on September 27, through a lottery. The venue is still undecided, but I should emphasize once again that only those with the golden ticket will be allowed in to the live. Further information will be revealed as the live approaches.

the gazette golden ticket dogma

If you’re in possession of this ticket, you will have a chance in a lottery to win a ticket to the tour final for DOGMATIC -ANOTHER FATE- to be held in Japan

Trailer for the final three movements:

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There you have it! With this, Project: Dark Age is finally complete! What are your thoughts on this project? Did you like the surprises the band had for us? It was certainly entertaining to see movements be revealed one by one, and it was certainly even more exciting when the additional six movements were announced alongside their upcoming world tour. I think I speak for the vast majority when I say this project was a successful one, one that left its fans happy and satisfied.

Update: we added the trailer that just went out officially!

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