Since we last reported about them in the middle of last year, we have failed to update you on the recent happenings of More. But fear not, we are here to do just that in this article. We already mentioned that the band released their first single/DVD hypno on June 6 last year consisting of a digital version on iTunes with the physical taking the form of a DVD.

They have since released another single titled morphe containing two tracks, Nokoriga (残り香) and Tsuioku Soshite Hakuri (追憶、そして剥離) on October 7 and are set to release their first mini-album titled PARADIGMA on March 16.

You can check out the preview for it above featuring a snippet from their music video for Amber (琥珀)  but in the meantime, here is their new look.

More Artist Photo

More Loki Artist Photo

Loki (vocals)

More JUDY Artist Photo

JUDYJUN (guitar)

More En'ya Artist Photo

En’ya (bass)

More Yune Artist Photo

Yune (drums)

More Yamamitsu Artist Photo

Yamamitsu (Support piano)



Regular edition 2600 yen


  1. syntagma
  2. ashes to ashes, dust to dust.
  3. The Hanged Man
  4. Amber (琥珀)
  5. Mawaru yume to gekijou to (廻る夢と激情と)

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