Hologram, abstracts’ upcoming album has been on the work for quite some time; via shy teasers and status updates throughout their social media networks, they’ve been keeping the patient fans constantly updated. And today, we’re finally seeing a rundown of the nine tracks that are included in the band’s second album, through a video preview.

abstracts keep a similar atmosphere to their first self-titled album, a progressive and heavy sound, combined with high clean vocals and screams. They retain the sound fans have already been enjoying, even with the new line-up they’ve recently introduced, now also officially welcoming Kyosuke on guitar, previously in Calling From The Reach.

What we get in this preview is unfortunately not the music video, rather a video of the band exploring the landmarks of Narita Airport, in Tokyo, such as the observation deck at Terminal 2. If you’re curious, there is actually a short snippet of one of the tracks from the upcoming album available. A full music video will be available tomorrow.

Update: music video of the title-track Hologram is now available:

abstracts - Hologram (Official Music Video)

Hologram is expected to be released on March 9.

abstracts hologram group photo

Abstracts’ latest group photo.

Group photo of abstracts at the observation deck at Narita Airport, Terminal 2.

Group photo of abstracts at the observation deck, at Narita Airport, Terminal 2.

abstracts hologram album artwork



  1. The Void
  2. Hologram
  3. Carat
  4. The Shadow
  5. Vision
  6. Mirror feat. Kento Sugisaki from 7YEARS TO MIDNIGHT
  7. The Past
  8. Ancient
  9. Gemini

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