A couple of days ago MY BACTERIA HEAT IsLAND, who last year lost four members at once, uploaded a new group picture of what seems to be all-new members for the band! However they are not official, but rather support members. Why, you ask? Because MBHI has now been dubbed as vocalist Tenten’s solo project! Even though this will now be Tenten’s solo work, it seems like the support will still be acting similarly to regular members. The new members’ faces have not actually been revealed, but they took a group picture with Tenten and have created twitter accounts for people to follow them, which is weird, considering they are only support.

Perhaps these members are on trial, and if things work out they’ll become official? This could explain their twitter accounts, as they could have been created to get a quick start on gaining followers should they become official. Things are quite still a mystery at this point. However, since these new members have gone so far as to create Twitter accounts we’ll introduce them to you. They are: guitarist Shinpei, guitarist Agasa Komouri, bassist Rihito, and drummer Yas. Once again, their faces have not been revealed, so that is the only information on them.

Futhermore, as the band is now a solo project, the band will be having a name change which is Re:My BACTERIA HEAT IsLAND.

As for a comeback date, it has been set for April 2 at a one-man live where “rabies vaccination will resume.” What are your thoughts on this? Who do you think these supports members are? Leave your thought in the comments below! Meanwhile, we’ll keep you updated on future developments on this.

More info:
Official Website
Twitter (Tenten)
Twitter (Shinpei)
Twitter (Rihito)
Twitter (Agasa Koumori)
Twitter (Yas)

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