New band LONDBOY has revealed their single’s music video, Open your heart, on B.P.RECORDS‘ official YouTube. Check out the music video above. This single was released on November 10 last year with two tracks.

LONDBOY debuted earlier last year and, apart from the vocalist, four of the five members are former members of NOCTSCURE.

Vocalist ROY
Guitarist Rio (りお) (ex-BUNNEIES, baphomet, NOCTSCURE)
Guitarist Kanade (かなで) (ex-Da capo., NOCTSCURE)
Bassist Teika (帝華) (ex-Rayven, NOCTSCURE)
Drummer Ryouga (玲牙) (ex-miranofuu, NOCTSCURE)

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LONDBOY (オフィシャル) 2016

Vocalist ROY

Vocalist ROY

Bassist teika

Bassist Teika

Guitarist rio

Guitarist  Rio

Guitarist kanade

Guitarist Kanade

Drummer ryouga

Drummer Ryouga


Open your heart

Regular edition 1000 yen


  1. Open your heart
  2. SIREN

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Official Website
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