2015 has been a big year for JROCK NEWS. It has been only four months since the launch of this page and together, we have seen some amazing things happen in such a short amount of time. It’s been an exciting journey, so let’s see what we have done up until now.


Thanks to JPU Records we were able to arrange an interview with, in our eyes, one of Japan’s biggest rock band. We’re very proud of this, as the process of planning the questions carefully took a week of research and reviewing. This interview was shared by the official AKFG Facebook page and also by Gotch himself, and said by many fans to be one of the best English language interviews. Read the interview in question and see what you think.

“Yoshiki noticed us!”


During the promotion of Yoshiki’s attendance at the red-carpet The Classic Rock Roll Of Honour event, we wrote and article to attract fans to support him. This article was shared by Mr Yoshiki himself on Twitter and was retweeted over 400 times by fans across the world. We were very excited to think that Yoshiki himself graced this website.

Video Messages for JROCK NEWS

We could not have expected anything more amazing than to have ADAMS, SALTY DOG, Orochi and V.I.P sent in video messages to congratulate the grand opening of JROCK NEWS. This encouragement fuelled us for the rest of the year and we can’t wait to see more from these bands. Of course saying this, we feel incredibly fortunate and blessed to have had Shota from ADAMS be the first artist to step up and record our first video. We will never forget him, and he will forever live on in the hearts of JROCK NEWS. Many thanks to everyone for all the supportive messages we have received throughout the year.

Collaboration with CDJapan, JPU Records, Japan Discoveries and GAN-SHIN Records

This year marked great beginnings to brining Jrock fans amazing goodies, and we can’t thank these guys enough for their generosity and time for helping make this happen. We held the Grand Opening with the amazing JPU Records to celebrate the birth of this website. We then moved on to provide fans extra points for their CDJapan purchases, and also provided discount for Japan Discoveries customers. We closed the year with a wonderful bundle of albums for Christmas thanks to GAN-SHIN Records. Let’s thank these guys for being absolutely wonderful partners.

Top 10 most read posts this year:

  1. Top 15 Japanese & Visual Kei Artists of 2015
  2. Support YOSHIKI at a London Red Carpet Event
  3. New band, More – featuring ex-members of Sugar, 12012 and the GazettE
  4. How Much Money Did Golden Bomber’s Vocalist Make from “Memeshikute”?
  5. Formerly “Alice Nine” Has Finalized their New Name!
  6. the GazettE Reveals New Teaser to Single Release “UGLY”
  7. Tobias Kwan, the Artist Behind the Gazette’s Dogma Cover
  8. Top Ten Longest Jrock Release Names
  9. the GazettE DOGMA Review
  10. Shota From ADAMS Sadly Passes Away

It seems we have many fans of the GazettE on this website! This year we have started to work on more trivial and fun articles, on top of the usual releases, new looks and music videos. This proved to be very popular with you guys from the list above so we will continue with this.

So now, what are we expecting for 2016?

Faster and Better News

Very soon we will be looking to recruit even more editors for this website to spread the love we have of Jrock. At the moment we cover a big number of bands, but we believe we can do even better with your help. We would like to be able to deliver new reports at speed, attend more shows across the world, review more music, interview bands, and so much more. If you wish to join our team, please keep your eyes peeled as we plan to recruit in the coming months!

LONG LIVE JROCK T-shirt is back!


The Long Live JRock T-shirt campaign was one of the most successful projects in the history of our previous website, and this time we asked fans to vote for their favourite one. We’re very excited to see the completion of this new design next year with even better T-shirts, more good-looking models and perhaps another give-away?!

And here comes the end of this year-end summary. It has only been four months in 2015, so imagine what we can do in an entire year of 2016! Let’s look forward to what the new year can bring us.

JROCK NEWS wishes you all good health and happiness! Happy new year everyone.

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