Good news for the fans of NAINE and My BACTERIA HEAT IsLAND, as former members of both bands have teamed up to create a new unit called HATE (Howl At The End)!

The band will be composed of vocalist hiLo and guitarist Takuya from NAINE, and guitarist Kouryuu (衍龍) and drummer Tetsuya (哲也) from My BACTERIA HEAT IsLAND. Rega from NIA will be in charge of the bass as a support member.

This past year we were shocked to hear that nothing less than four members of MBHI were departing from the band, leaving vocalist tenten as the remaining member. In NAINE’s case, after their disbandment guitarist Takashi and drummer Yusuke joined ex-Crazy Shampoo’s vocalist Yoshiatsu and ex-Gouhou Loli☆Punk Dreaming Disco’s bassist Tomo to create DADAROMA, a band that made a huge impact this past year.

HATE will debut at NIA’s live, at Shinjuku BLAZE on February 19, so please look forward to this day. Are you excited already?

NIA presents fest New Improve Anniversary
2016/2/19 Shinjuku BLAZE
Presenter: NIA
OPEN/15:45 START/16:15
Price: 3,900 yen in advance/4,500 yen

Purchase your tickets at e-plus.

howl at the end

Promotional poster of HATE’s first live.

More info:
Twitter (hiLo)
Twitter (Kouryuu)
Twitter (Takuya)
Twitter (Tetsuya)

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