We suppose a lot of you have already taken a listen to the new girugamesh album chimera, and wonder what the deal was with the last track “BigBear Remix from gravitation” (listen to it below). It felt a little out of place, considering the A-side of the album contained only metal tracks by girugamesh, while BigBear’s remix offered an electronic experience with sped up vocals.

So jumping to the question, who is BigBear?

While the name BigBear might not sound familiar to people of the Jrock scene, his name is far more known than you might think, with twitter followers such as members from SuG, amber gris, Lc5, ensoku, HERO, girugamesh and more. The reason why the name BigBear might not ring a bell is simply because this is another alias he uses to identify himself with when creating electronic music. Kind of like Yuyoyuppe (sound producer of BABYMETAL), who started using the DJ name “DJ TEKINA//SOMETHING” to separate his metal music from his EDM.

Getting back to track, remember the band vocalist Satoshi was briefly active in called REDMAN? The drummer of that band, Okuma Katsurato, is in fact the BigBear. Or as most of you might know him as, Keito, the previous drummer of the old visual kei band Ruvie, surprised?

Here is a brief history of his past and current bands in chronological order:

  • baroque (as roadie)
  • Lover Berry
  • Ruvie (るう゛ぃえ) (under the name Keito)
  • My Hearts Breaking Even (under the name Okuma Keito Kunio)
  • REDMAN (under the name Okuma Katsurato)
  • BigBear

Ruvie Okuma Katsurato

BigBear as “Keito” during his days as the drummer of Ruvie.

BigBear Okuma Katsurato

Relatively recent image of BigBear, also known as Okuma Katsurato.

The bonus track, BigBear Remix from gravitation, wasn’t bad at all. But as we said earlier, maybe a bit out of place? However, if you like to get to know more about his music, below are two more remixed girugamesh songs by BigBear, which you might be interested in.

More info:

Source: http://www.vkdb.jp/

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