Since the grand opening of, the site reached independence from humble beginnings to become a full-fledged news site. With this step comes the cost of running a site.

We are humbled and grateful to have been given the opportunity to partake in interviews with great bands we admire, such as ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION and RHEDORIC, as well as reporting on kick-ass bands such as RADWIMPS, ALSDEAD, MIYAVI and MAN WITH A MISSION.

In the past two months, we have also created beautiful collaborations with CD Japan, JPU Records and GAN-SHIN Records.

All of this happened because of the support and loyalty of the readers and the hard work the editors and engineers have put into creating this site. It was by no means an easy task.

Behind the scenes, on top of the workload our staff undertakes, lies a greedy beast which is constantly consuming resources. Since the switch from Google Blogspot (which was free but hugely restrictive), we have made a decision to move to our own domain. This allowed us to be flexible in what we wanted to post and for mobile friendliness. Did you know that there are 3.6 billion mobile device users which far surpasses desktop (51% over 49%) computer users? With this in mind we have decided earlier in 2015 to make the leap, but at a cost.

Per year:

Servers: $359.02
Licenses to software: $200.00±
Domain: $40±
Total: $ 599.02

At the moment, we are paying from our own pockets out of love and passion for Japanese rock music, and fact is the cost of running a site will only go up not just every year, but every month. Our ultimate goal is to at least break-even every year—this way we can continue to run this site, and be happy knowing that we can pay the rent. With these numbers in mind, we will explain to our readers ways they can help us without giving us a penny.

In the very near future, we will be offering companies banner space for advertising, sponsored posts, promotions and such to help ease the costs. We plan to be explicit on the posts which are sponsored and be honest with our readers, so do not worry! This will not be a shock for people who regular visits websites who offer their content for free. With this new site, we’re hoping to achieve even bigger and better things for you as the reader and ourselves as editors. In other news, Google is launching a service that allows users to pay a monthly fee to avoid the adverts on sites that use Google’s advertising services. Readers who are interested can find out more by following this link to Google Contributor.

The reason why we have decided to publicly display the cost of running a site is because we are choosing to be transparent to our readers. You are ultimately the reason why we do what we do. In the past we have joked that our goal was to have tea with YOSHIKI, but that does not seem impossible right now.



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