We spotted this photo of Mami on SCANDAL’s Instagram the other day and thought something strange was going on, something does not look quite right. Can anyone guess what is happening? Have a think before you scroll down to find the answer.


Turns out that she was wearing the cardigan and backpack backwards! Even after she revealed this, seeing the back of her head is still quite strange in the photo below.


We have a feeling that this is a prank kids do at school.

You have to admit, when seeing photos you come across any band’s social media you wonder what type of people they are behind the scenes. SCANDAL seems like a fun bunch to be around with all the silly jokes they play on their social media. Here are some bonus images we have especially selected for you from their Instagram:

Photo shoot for NYLON Japan

Photo shoot for NYLON Japan.

Painting on their guitars

Painting on their guitars.

Seems like they are fans of Mickey Mouse.

Seems like they are fans of Mickey Mouse.

RINA with Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

RINA with Kyary Pamyu Pamyu.

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