For those who missed the ceremony which marked Versailles Reborn at KAMIJO World Tour 2015 Grand Finale, here are some stills from the event. These stills were from the live broadcast, courtesy of PROMIC.TV, from Zepp DiverCity Tokyo today. The live stream attracted over 1,000 viewers across the world who came together and left floods of messages on the chat room.

A very sweet message from Kyoji Yamamoto 山本恭司

“I went to see kamijo 20th anniversary live tonight. My son played drums in his band tonight ♪ Kamijo 20th Anniversary live to go to the view. The day before yesterday was with the members of the Jupiter, also. Versailles that for the first time, but watch the play that I can. Mao photos trees drum knocking kamijo band and. The Luxury of a luxurious show you have ♪”

What was surprising was that there were readers of JROCK NEWS on the chat room, thank you for saying ‘hello’!

Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 11.54.36

10 minutes before the ceremony, KAMIJO salutes the fans.


Closing towards the ceremony, fans poured in and reached 1,047 viewers.

LAREINE and NEW SODMY played first in this last show of the tour, but the broadcast which lasted for roughly an hour and a half, which only included the section of KAMIJO’s performance. Nearing the end of this, the Versailles Reborn ceremony started, displaying the image of late-bassist JASMINE.

Special thanks to CoolKill3rX for the ceremony stills:

Versailles Reborn!

Versailles Reborn!

KAMIJO waves the cheering fans.

KAMIJO waves the cheering fans.

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