Jupiter DVD 「Prevenient Grace」Trailer

First DVD titled Prevenient Grace from Jupiter features a documentary on their tour in autumn 2015 and will be released today on December 27Prevenient Grace includes coverage of most shows in Japan up to Shinuku ReNY and also oversea shows in Taiwan and Mexico City PLAZA CONDESA, lasting 114 minutes in total. Take a look at the video above for a preview of this release to see their vocalist Zin in action.

There will be behind-the-scenes footage capturing the agony and hard-work that goes on throughout the tour which I can bet all fans will be aching to see. Please take a look at the cover below, and just to let you know that there is still more information to come, so sit tight for the tracklist.


Jupiter’s First DVD “Prevenient Grace” cover.

More info:
Official Website

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