In partnership with Red Bull’s Live on the Road, SALTY DOG and Unveil Raze released their own separate music videos, Chase New Days and The Phoenix Reigns, respectively, in a showdown to decide this years Red Bull Live on the Road winner! These two finalists will go head to head starting with an online poll via twitter, with the final showdown taking place at CLUB CITTA, in Kawasaki on December 9. Guest performers such as SiM, Crossfaith, Beartooth and HenLee will also be taking the stage.

SALTY DOG brings a sweet and catchy tune, unlike the progressive side we’ve seen before! While it’s on the softer side, it’s no doubt a song SALTY DOG fans would be able to enjoy as it still retains the core elements that makes up the band.

Unveil Raze keeps their usual pace and combines great melodic metal with both clean and excellent scream vocals! They as well kept it a little bit toned down. This is also the first time we see DEATHGAZE’s Kousuke in a music video (excluding live footage).

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Source: Red Bull Live on the Road 2015

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