A little unusual news on this site for fans of electronic and alternative rock band, Sakanaction (サカナクション). Their front man and vocalist Ichiro Yamaguchi has directed the sound for Japanese fashion brand ANREALAGE for their 2016 Spring and Summer collection. This sound was used to accompany the sophisticated and light illuminated fashion show at the Palais de Tokyo on September 29.

The theme of the show was “REFLECT”, and this was seen on every piece of clothing which used a special  retroreflective material to reflect light from the flash of the audience’s smartphone. The special material have been laid out in elaborate colours and patterns, showcasing beautifully surreal pulses of light on the catwalk.

The binaural sounds used in the sound design induces relaxation, meditation, creativity and other desirable mental states and is sometimes used in alternative medicine, so you can imagine the show being very mellow and pleasant to watch. Did you know these sounds are best listened to through earphones or headphones?

Sakanaction has worked with ANREALAGE previously where they wore the designer’s clothing on live shows.


Light illuminates the costumer in “SAKANAQUARIUM2013” performance in 2013


Ichiro Yamaguchi with arms up for the “SAKANAQUARIUM2013” performance in 2013

The hard-working band have also recently revealed their new record label, NFRecords where they have released their latest music video for Shin Takarajima which we shall cover very soon. Do we have any readers who are fans of Sakanaction? Let me know in the comments below.

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