The newly reformed band MeteoroiD announced the release of their first best of album titled BULLETBOX. So far, the band confirmed to include a re-recorded version of Little boy (リトルボーイ), which is actually a single that was released before the band reformed, when they changed their concept and name styling, previously “METEOROID”. Although it has been known that the album will be available in two different editions and to be released on February 10, 2016, the finalized tracklist has yet to be disclosed.

In the video above you’ll find a brief comment from the band and some behind the scenes of their one-man live at Takadanobaba AREA, performed on October 10.

MeteoroiD will celebrate the release of their first album with a free one-man tour titled BULLETMARK at Shinjuku, Shinsaibashi and Nagoya:

Venue:  Ikebukuro RUIDO K3
Date: January 21, 2016 (Thu)
Opening act: To be announced.
Time (Open/Start): 17: 00/18: 00
Tickets: Free!
Venue: American Village Clapper
Date: January 26, 2016 (Tuesday)
Opening act: The 3rd Birthday
Time (Opne/Start): 17: 00/18: 00
Tickets: Free!
Venue: Nagoya MUSIC FARM
Date: January 28, 2016 (Thu)
Time (Open/Start): 17: 00/18: 00
Tickets: Free!

Once the album hits the shelves, they will celebrate their first anniversary with another one-man tour, titled MeteoroiD vs METEOROID. Perhaps we might be able find their former guitarist Yutori joining the stage once again?

Anniversary Special EVENT “MeteoroiD VS METEOROID”
Cast: MeteoroiD / METEOROID
Time (Open/Start): 17: 00/18: 00
Tickets price (Adv/Day): 3,500 yen / 4,000 yen
Purchase your tickets at e-plus

Meteoroid yutori

Yutori’s last look with METEOROID

Pentagon welcome to ghost hotel yutori

Yutori’s new look in his current band Pentagon.

There are more facts suggesting a reconciliation with their previous concept. Back when the band changed their look and name styling, they tried to remove every proof of their past online existence. Their music videos were removed and their discography clean slated. However, the band has now re-uploaded four music videos from their previous era to their YouTube channel. Check them out down below!

Below is MeteoroiD’s brand-new look:

MeteoroiD Bulletbox new look genki

Vocalist Genki (幻鬼)

MeteoroiD Bulletbox new look mikado

Guitarist Mikado (帝)

MeteoroiD Bulletbox new look machi

Guitarist Machi (マチ)

MeteoroiD Bulletbox new look ral

Bassist raL

MeteoroiD Bulletbox new look tomoya

Drummer Tomoya (朋夜)

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