Gracefully posed, the ghostly figures stand on muted backdrops of bellowing smoke and slender silhouette of trees. The chill of the scene can creep over your skin as you watch these statuesque and emotionless faces stare off into the distance. This is the art of Tobias Kwan, or for those who follow the GazettE, the artist behind the illustration of the album cover, DOGMA.

The stylistic brushwork is reminiscent of Baroque art’s blurred contours and dominant contrasts in some of the pieces. You could imagine how the structures in his pieces could be slowly creaking in motion like clockwork. Gold can be typically seen in his recent Motherlands project (as seen below), with strikingly subtle details etched into the fabrics and accessories. I would suggest that Tobias was an excellent choice for the dusky, symbol orientated grand sound the GazettE were striving for. You may have noticed that the costume design seems to have been inspired by his piece in their DOGMA music video.

Enjoy the artwork below and let us know what you think in the comments.

Motherland+Chronicles+#36+-braid Motherland+Chronicles+#33+-+nesthead+portrait Motherland-Chronicles-38-rider Motherland-Chronicles-37-braid-II Motherland-Chronicles-32-Stepper-II Motherland-Chronicles-30-Stomper-II Motherland-Chronicles-27-cosmonaut-chair Motherland-Chronicles-49-arms

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