Imagine a time when everything felt warm and fuzzy, and songs played on the radio with a certain finesse, that made your imagination roam and you felt like anything was possible. That’s what THE NOVEMBERS’ Elegance brings this time around. While listening to the tracks, I could immediately visualize the times where a family would go to the park with a radio and have a picnic with even friends invited, and “Peace” was fought for tirelessly. Yes! This mini-album brings back nostalgia of music from before but isn’t quite prominent now, and I absolutely love its theme. Elegance was released on October 7.

Elegance clearly goes over leaps, and bounds to convey the true essence of music, by delving into a style that showcases the art of music in its finest form. It brings to the table their influences like The Cure, David Bowie, and so forth, smooth rhythm and somber vocals. I love the time machine effect of this mini, and in case you also like oldies then this may be an album worth checking out! While listening to this mini the first time around I felt so empowered to take on the world (crazy, right?!). Any album that can accomplish that for you, must be worthy of Album of the Year.

The instrumentals are all but amazing, and showcases slow drumming with a constant bass to the slow strumming of a guitar with a constant drumming. The somber vocals on this piece just helps to ascertain that flare that oldies had. In instances where there is a repetition of words like Clara‘s “For you, For me”, the blissfulness of the melody and the varied frequency in the repetition of the words add flavor to the song, and makes it feel as if different words had been spoken each time. Yusuke’s vocals are very soft, but powerful, and assist, remarkably, in the overall theme of elegance.

My favorite track on this mini-album would have to be Kirei na umi e, and is also the song used for the music video below. It was split into a mother and father side, so give it a listen a tell me what you think in the comments below! Also, a link to their sound cloud, where the song Emerald was first released, can be found below.


1900 yen


  1. Clara (クララ)
  2. Kokoro hitotsu mochi kirenai mama (心一つ持ちきれないまま)
  3. Kirei na umi e (きれいな海へ)
  4. Hadaka no mink  (裸のミンク)
  5. Emerald (エメラルド)
  6. Deru kizu wo sagasu chi (出る傷を探す血)

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I must admit that this is my first time listening to THE NOVEMBERS, but I’m already hooked. I have heard that they have a darker side too, and a bit of that can be heard in the last song, Deru kizu wo sagasu chi. All that being said, I hope you love Elegance like I do, and if you have anything to add, please feel free to comment down below! :D

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