A new band called for severe addicts only has been formed that includes former members of Awoi! As of now there isn’t much relevant information about the band other than the line-up.

The vocalist of the band is Suzumu (進), from the band 空 [ku:]. The rest of the band consist of the disbanded Awoi; Guitarist Sin (慎), bassist Saki (サキ) and drummer Ryo. Supporting the band is guitarist Yoshiya from the band Viru’s.

It’s too bad that we don’t see the Otogi included, the former vocalist of Awoi, but I suppose we can’t complain which such great line-up!

At the moment, the only known source for information on for severe addicts only comes from their newly created Twitter account, where you can find information i.e. their first live performance that will take place at the BRAND NEW venue in Nishikujou, Osaka on December 4.

for severe addicts only

Promotional flyer of the band’s first show.

As the band is fairly new, they don’t have an official band shot yet. Below you will find the member’s most recent look:

for severe addicts only susumu

Vocalist Susumu (進)

for severe addicts only sin

Guitarist Sin (慎)

for severe addicts only Yoshiya

Support guitarist Yoshiya

for severe addicts only Saki

Bassist Saki (サキ)

for severe addicts only Ryo

Drummer Ryo

Never listened to Awoi? Or you never heard how Suzumu’s voice sounds in 空 [ku:]? Take a listen below!

Awoi‘s last single Black Hole (ブラックホール):

アヲイ / ブラックホール PVスポット

空 [ku:]’s latest music video Cockroach from their second mini-album destruction of fantasy.

空【ku:】- Cockroach[MV] Full Ver.

More info:
Twitter (for severe addicts only)
Twitter (Sin (慎))
Twitter (Ryo)
Twitter (Yoshiya)
Blog (Suzumu)
Blog (Yoshiya)

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