Greetings from the samurai rock musician OROCHI to JROCK NEWS visitors!

OROCHI has picked up the pace and is now actively working with new material to share with his fellow warriors. Now announcing a new upcoming music video and even a free entry live in Japan, on October 25, for all overseas fans! Just remember to send him a copy of your airplane ticket and you’ll be eligible to enter for free, more details below.

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The myth

The story tells that once upon a time, there was a dragon called Yamatano Orochi. Its eyes were red like boiling blood and had eight heads and eight tails with the length of eight valleys.

Every year, this monster took a beautiful virgin from a village as a sacrifice. A samurai called Susanoo heard this tragedy; he fought Orochi and slew its eight heads apart. His spirit became immortal and his strength was given to four young samurais, who control the Land of Sun since the year 16.

Samurai rock at its best!

In the somehow homogenous visual kei scene of Japan, OROCHI stands out with his unique blend of rock, metal and visual artistry that keeps a deep connection to the myth and thrill of Japanese culture. Not surprisingly, Ryu – the artist behind OROCHI – actually has samurai ancestors’ blood in his veins.

The music itself, which basically is rock, gets a distinctive touch of culture when it incorporates the tunes of traditional Japanese instruments as of nohkan, dragon flute, koto and biwa – all instruments mastered by Ryu. The lyrics bring you back to a world of myth and fairy-tales in an ancient Japan.

OROCHI was formed back in 2004 and has had several different lineups. Today however, OROCHI is a solo project managed by the front-man Ryu.

To join in the live event as an overseas fan, send OROCHI a copy of your airplane ticket to:

You will receive further information from that point. The live event information follows:

Sunday October 25, 2015
Ikebukuro RUIDO K3, Tokyo Japan
OROCHI Presents
Secret Flower ~Hisureba Hana~
Entry at 17:30, show starts at 18:00
FREE Entry for international fans (send an image of the airplane ticket to receive free entry)
Contact OROCHI via Facebook message or email at

Booking: If you have any question please feel free to contact OROCHI:
Address: 9-12 Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo-to, JAPAN
Postal Code 170-0014

More info:
Official Website
Nyanko Scandal Factory Official Website
Facebook (OROCHI)
Twitter (OROCHI)

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