ONE OK ROCK will be releasing a US edition of their recent album 35xxxv (DELUXE EDITION) for the US on September 25, and all 15 tracks will be revised and sung in English. This release will also feature two exclusive bonus tracks! This will be their first album release for the American market.

It’s not an unheard idea for bands to release an album or single in another language, but admittedly not a tactic frequently pursued by artists so I would be interested in how their fans and new listeners would react. Personally I would have a bias for the songs language in which I first listen to, but considering how much English is used in ONE OK ROCK tracks they may actually be able to pull this off.

Check out the music video above for the English edition of Cry out. I have also included the original music video below so you can compare them yourselves.



US Edition 1364 yen


  1. 3xxxv5
  2. Take me to the top
  3. Cry out
  4. Suddenly
  5. Mighty Long Fall
  6. Heartache
  7. Memories
  8. Decision
  9. Paper Planes
  10. Good Goodbye
  11. One by One
  12. Stuck in the middle
  13. Fight the night
  14. Last Dance
  15. The Way Back

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