Due to unfortunate events of drummer MANJ゛‘s lumbar disc herniation* condition worsening, Sel’m announced that MANJ゛ will be taking a break from band activities. Members of the band discussed this matter together and came to the conclusion that this was for the best. At this stage, there is no telling when MANJ゛ will be able to return to his regular activities, but we hope him the best!

To at least give MANJ゛ a bit of ease, his vacancy will be left in good hands as drummer Naoki from DEATHGAZE will be supporting the band from now on. This currently means that every member of DEATHGAZE has revealed some sort of musical activity, except for guitarist Takaki.

*Lumbar disc herniation specifically refers to the lower back. This occurs when spines in that area has leaked out the softer, inner part, to the outside portion of the disc, which may result in numbness and even burning feeling throughout the legs.

Naoki from DEATHGAZE

Naoki from DEATHGAZE

MANJ from Sel'm

MANJ゛ from Sel’m

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