Trending internet sensation LADYBABY will be hitting up London’s famous HYPER JAPAN this Winter to perform at the Christmas Market. This event will take place from November 27-29 this year (It’s my birthday!) at the Tobacco Docks in East London.

The Kawaiicore group headed by LADY BEARD, is possibly most famous for their Nippon Manjuon YouTube video which has been viewed almost eight million times at this point in writing.

If you’re interested in seeing their performance, the HYPER JAPAN tickets are available here and LADYBABY will be performing on the LIVE JAPAN stage throughout the event.

LADYBABY "ニッポン饅頭 / Nippon manju "Music Clip

[ビアちゃんver.] ニッポン饅頭 振り付け講座

More info:
Official website

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