Super band KEEL, composed by some big names in the Jrock industry, has announced the release of its second mini-album! The mini-album will release on October 7, and will be titled R’lyeh. Similarly to their first album, Cthulhu, the mini-album will include six new songs, Afterwards, the band is set to embark on a one-man promo tour aptly titled Float of R’lyeh, lasting three dates only, from October 7-10.

Furthermore, the band will also be one member short for one of their lives, namely All Tomorrow’s Party 2015 held on September 26. Bassist ShuU will be absent due to his first live in Mexico with Girugamesh, which will be held on September 25.  Bassist Kazuya from band deadman will be replacing him for that day.

KEEL R'lyeh cover art


2700 yen


  1. fanfale
  2. Hakka (発火)
  3. Ella
  4. Rapunzel (ラプンツェル)
  5. deep sleep
  6. Kokuhaku (告白)

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