Develop One’s Faculties「insert memory」MV SPOT

Develop One’s Faculties (DOF) finally brings a preview of their upcoming first album reincarnation due to be released on October 28! They also revealed a music clip of the second track insert memory, with the members all suited up in a new look!

Like the first album of many bands, this one could be a hit or miss, but judging from what I hear in the previews, most of the songs sound really good. Check it out yourself though, and let me know if you are looking forward to this release.

By the way, their first two singles Frasco wo Furu to Tenbin Yureta (フラスコを振ると天秤揺れた) and hope have been both re-recorded for this album!

Develop One's Faculties reincarnation

Develop One’s Faculties in their new look.

Develop One's Faculties reincarnation yuya

Vocalist & guitarist yuya

Develop One's Faculties reincarnation rui

Guitarist rui

Develop One's Faculties reincarnation detto

Bassist detto

Develop One's Faculties reincarnation Johannes

Drummer Johannes

Develop One's Faculties「reincarnation」試聴クロスフェード

Develop One's Faculties reincarnation cover


Limited edition 2,082 yen


  1. 「 」
  2. insert memory
  3. Frasco wo Furu to Tenbin Yureta (フラスコを振ると天秤揺れた) (album ver.)
  4. hope (album ver.)
  5. REAL=
  6. ettad
  7. Negative Baby (ネガティブベイビー)
  8. Shunkanteki Shoudou no Hate ni Ushinatta Shunkan (瞬間的衝動の果てに失った瞬間)
  9. Zannen na Uta (残念な唄)
  10. it is what it is.
  11. for

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Official Website
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