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When I cracked open the package last week, I wasn’t sure what I’ve gotten myself into. If I told you now that a certain tune has been on repeat in my head. I would think it’s safe to say JPU Records are one step closer to world domination, one earworm at a time. (Earworm, also known as brainworm is when you have a tune repeating in your head. Sounds worst than it really is, I know.) Check out the video above for the unboxing of the album.

This review will be for listeners who enjoy electronic J-pop and cute female vocals all in matching outfits. recently attended Hyper Japan in London at The O2 this June, and I happened to meet them on the Kawaii Fashion Show stage where I also modelled. (I have a certificate to prove I am one of the kawaii-est in the land. I’m really not.) This six member team from Akihabara started in 2008 and are all former hardcore otakus. It’s obvious if you have checked out their music videos– truck loads of laser beams, mecha fights, and illustrations bright enough to give your eyes a sugar high.

They have released their latest album WWDD on August 7 in Europe this year, so let’s take a look at what they have in store for us.

WWDD begins your 14 track journey with an epic instrumental piece; Den Pa Na Sekai -It’s a Denpa world-. It could belong to any Japanese RPG soundtrack, which us brings us to the start of the hugely varied track which is Dempari Night. You’ll find with music, each and every track is never flat or monotonous, highly electric and energetic.

Watch the Bari3 Repblic music video a few of times and you’ll find the tune creeping up on you randomly during your day. This track is one of my favourites out of the album.

でんぱ組.inc「バリ3共和国」Music Video Full

Another track I would love to highlight is Brandnew World due to it’s rock-ier theme. I found myself paying attention to the bass line as I’m a sucker for songs experimenting with funkier sounds. In comparison to the earlier tracks in this album, Brandnew World and Irodori Sekai are moodier, perfect for rainy afternoons or spending a quiet evening to yourself.

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NBT: Although their songs are always upbeat, they are actually quite dynamic. What keeps the tension up is the continuous drum beats in the background which is significant to uphold such atmosphere. It is impressive how they are able to uphold it to the very end without being too repetitive. While generally doesn’t fall into the type of music I normally listen to, I did however really enjoy Brandnew World, which is surprisingly is one of their more subtle songs in this album.

The number one thing I’ve picked up from this album is how diverse it is. From heart warming, slightly childishly playful electronic beats on Dance Dance Dance to the dubstepped ninja adventures in Neo Japonism. Due to the ‘denpa’ song style of the group, the vocals may not be everyone’s cup of tea and may be difficult to get into, so I suggest trying Brandnew World and Bari3 Republic just to hear their potential. They write strong and punchy melodies, and although diverse in style, the album has managed to convince me each track has it’s place, which I believe is thanks to the arrangement and ordering of tracks.

WWDD can take you on an exciting adventure to show you is not your typical idol group, so why not check them out?



Regular edition £12.99


  1. Dempa na Sekai ~ It’s a dempa world ~
  2. Dempari Night
  3. Dance Dance Dance
  5. FD2 ~Raison d’etre Daibouken~
  6. Chururi Chururira
  7. Mamonaku, ga Ririku Itashimasu
  8. Dear Stage e Youkoso
  9. Bari3 Republic
  10. Fancy Hoppe U FU FU
  11. Lemon Iro
  12. Brandnew World
  13. Irodori Sekai
  14. Sakura Apparation

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A Review and Unboxing of's "WWDD"!
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